“Silent Night”, 2010

A fellow guitarist posted a video of  Lil’ Wayne guitarist Jarius Mozee (http://www.GuitarTrainingCourse.com/) in a Facebook music group, and commented that Mozee’s “tremolo chords” reminded him of me. I took this as a pretty serious compliment (watch the vids – lil bro is baaaaaaaaad), and decided to post some of my own “tremolo chords”. I had decided to give my new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III amplifier a workout. I loved the sound so much I decided to commit it to video. I shot this impromptu improv with my Macbook’s built-in cam – you can hear the CPU protesting loudly in the first part of the vid.  Don’t know what made me choose this particular song (hold up – I go to church – headslap/duh!).  Considering that I’d had hip replacement surgery three days before and was flying on a daily regimen of Rush Limbaugh highballs (probably why I decided to commit this to video instead of audio), I’m surprised I didn’t start playing “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. I might do an updated version this year, actually, but I really like this one, warts and all.  

About whatdoesbabysay

Middle School Teacher in Pinellas County, Florida. Kind of a writer, kind of a musician. Ex-athlete. Just hanging.
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