Trump is actually leading Clinton in major swing states, and has erased her six-point lead nationally. Yet my feed is still pocked with butt-hurt Sanders supporters who continue to play coy when asked if they are actually going to participate in the electoral process this November. I mean if I were Susan Sarandon, or a slightly woke trust fund kid, I could afford to “follow my conscience”, sit out the election, and spend the next four years constructing viral memes and phoning in some outraged op-eds. Those of us who are, know or teach individuals who are in the crosshairs of his proposed policies (at least one third of my middle school students are Mexican, for example, and more than 60 percent are black) aren’t hearing it. Some demographic data-fueled “non est mea culpa” after the Apocalypse – even less.

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Middle School Teacher in Pinellas County, Florida. Kind of a writer, kind of a musician. Ex-athlete. Just hanging.
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