Cheaters never win

“Amateurism” is a myth. Upper-class athletes in 19th century England were getting their asses handed to them by working class dudes, so they decided to rig the game. The “amateur” standard reserved competition for those who didn’t have to work for a living (rich college kids), and  excluded everyone who did (the ordinary kids who were kicking their asses). They did this in the name of  the Olympic ideal, a fictional history, considering that Olympians were actually paid, sometimes with concubines, and often lived on the public dole for life after their victories. Now we have complaints that jobs are going to foreigners who, in many instances work harder, and are better educated (I hesitate to use the eugenically-loaded “smarter”), promising sweeping action in service of another fictional historical ideal (“Making America Great Again”). While taking our ball and going home is kind of our prerogative, I  just hope it doesn’t send all the Div 1 prospects to foreign countries, and leave us with the intramural gentleman’s cricket players.

About whatdoesbabysay

Middle School Teacher in Pinellas County, Florida. Kind of a writer, kind of a musician. Ex-athlete. Just hanging.
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