Trumping Politics

Here’s an unsettling thought: What if the Trump campaign’s Russia fetish is not about politics or economics, but ideology?

The idea of Russia as the last defense against white genetic and cultural annihilation has long been a part of white supremacist dogma. Even during the height of Cold War paranoia, condemnation of Russia’s communist ideology was tempered with grudging admiration for their ability to maintain racial purity. Iowa Rep. Steve King, undaunted by the furor surrounding past comments about big-calved Mexicans hauling pot across the border, or about racial “sub groups”not contributing anything to Western Christian culture, is now running around declaring that white people can’t afford to leave their culture in the hands of  “someone else’s babies”.   Trump uber-confidante Stephen Bannon is, like King, a fan of the grotesquely racist 1973 book “Camp of the Saints”,  in which ratlike blacks, and shit-eating (literally) Asians threaten to overrun and mongrelize Europe, and by extension, Western culture.

Much of the supposed lunacy surrounding the Trump administration makes more sense when viewed through this lens, one in which the entire eastern hemisphere poses an existential threat to white genetic survival. People like Ghandi and King fought injustice by declaring their allegiance to a higher law and responsibility. What if Trump, Bannon, King and their acolytes feel the same way? That the need to stave of white genetic extinction is more important than their responsibility to our Constitution, governmental institutions, or even the Good Book they invoke so often? Scary? Hell yeah, it is.

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Middle School Teacher in Pinellas County, Florida. Kind of a writer, kind of a musician. Ex-athlete. Just hanging.
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