Future Shock

I’m not one to pat myself on the back, but I saw this coming.
By ‘this” I mean the GOP’s internal strife, or, as some call it, civil war. Back in 2009 after Barack Obama won the left, center and even parts of the moderate right on his way to the presidency, the GOP solved what was at that time an existential crisis by letting the wingnuts out of their cages. The conspiracy theorists, Tea Partiers, Sarah Palinites – these were the rocks upon which the GOP built its post-2008
temple. Having lost all credibility as the party of fiscal responsibility, It became the party of glandular response. I remember pointing out (In a Facebook conversation, no less) that the GOP was playing with fire, feeding its base red meat (secession, return to the gold standard, a flat tax) with the promise of a barbecue they didn’t even have the charcoal for. Proposals and stances that had less to do with governing than with outraged resistance, a wildly successful strategy that gave us everything from wily political operators like Ted Cruz to hucksters like Michelle Bachman, and Herman Cain. What, happens, I said, once these folks and their surrogates gain power, and their base finds out they really can’t do all the things they said they would. That they were just pretending they could “drain the swamp”, run the government using supply-side Christianity, or replace the Constitution with “Atlas Shrugged”, to get you all riled up enough to vote and donate en masse. When that happened, there would be hell to pay. Hell meaning a world in which nihilists like Steve Bannon wield actual influence. In which supposedly pious people compromise their faith to support degenerates (Trump, Roy Moore) whose policies they approve of. Read the headlines. This is what happens, and this is where you are and what you are. Toughen up, buttercups.

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