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Middle School Teacher in Pinellas County, Florida. Kind of a writer, kind of a musician. Ex-athlete. Just hanging.

Future Shock

I’m not one to pat myself on the back, but I saw this coming. By ‘this” I mean the GOP’s internal strife, or, as some call it, civil war. Back in 2009 after Barack Obama won the left, center and … Continue reading

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Florida is a risible and vapid theme park trench; a depressing, swamp -pocked causeway along which the mediocre and lizard-brained wander blissfully, as Darwin’s life work dies quivering, like a clumsily impaled Burmese python on the bed of a monster … Continue reading

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Trumping Politics

Here’s an unsettling thought: What if the Trump campaign’s Russia fetish is not about politics or economics, but ideology? The idea of Russia as the last defense against white genetic and cultural annihilation has long been a part of white … Continue reading

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Cheaters never win

“Amateurism” is a myth. Upper-class athletes in 19th century England were getting their asses handed to them by working class dudes, so they decided to rig the game. The “amateur” standard reserved competition for those who didn’t have to work … Continue reading

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Social Duh-Winism

Every Ayn Rand acolyte believes in survival of the fittest until someone fitter (or in some cases a playing field consisting exclusively of such people) starts kicking their asses. I know this because I ┬álive in Florida, and have heard … Continue reading

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Fict and Faction

More perspective on Trump: Imagine how the movie “Dave” would have turned out if Animal House’s Mark Metcalf – reimagining his “Neidermier” character as a blustery wannabe too soft to actually enlist – played the lead character instead of Kevin … Continue reading

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Range of emoj-ions

We need the following emojis: Irony. Snarkiness. ┬áSarcasm. Tongue-in-cheek. And my favorite “If you read between the lines of my comment, I’m calling you an idiot, but am absolutely sure you can’t figure that out, which is why I feel … Continue reading

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